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Register now for the NECA 2020 Live The virtual event will maintain its traditional dynamic speakers and educational opportunities. All events will be streamed online for attendees.

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If you do not know your Individual ID Number use the "Forgot my Username/Password" lookup or if you need to create an account go here.

If your company has memberships in multiple NECA Chapters, you will have the opportunity to select which Chapter you would like to be affiliated with for the NECA 2020 Convention.

Need to add a new user? You can create a new profile on the NECA site. View this video if you're creating a profile for yourself and this one if you're a Company Accredited Representative.

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Please visit the NECA website to create a new profile. A video tutorial for the registration process is provided here.

If you need additional assistance creating a profile, email Vivian with your full name, company name, and email address. You will receive a response with your NECA Individual ID Number within one business day.

If you need immediate assistance, contact Taylor Kershaw at (618) 975-0833.

To register for the convention, please enter your Individual ID Number, Last Name, and Invitation Code (if applicable).


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Please review NECA Chapter Registration Tutorial before proceeding to register for your chapter members. You can also download the Chapter Registration Instructions and Documentations for your reference.

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Once purchased, registration fees to the NECA 2020 Live are not refundable.

If you wish to transfer you registration to another individual please send us a message through the NECA Registration Support Center by September 30, 2020.


NECA 2020 LIVE Exhibitor Registration is being processed through the vFairs platform within your company booth.
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